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Ulaskawienie / Pardon - Trailer from Magic Lab on Vimeo.


Year of production: 2018
Director: Jan Jakub Kolski
Production: Wytwórnia Doświadczalna

Pardon is a story of parents of a cursed soldier told from a perspective of their 17 year old grandson Janek. „Odrowąż” dies in 1946, Department of Security digs up his body four Times to make sure that the enemy of the state is truly dead. The mother can’t bear the humiliation, she steals away the coffin with the body, forces the husband to travel to Pacławska Calvary to bury their son again. The journey is full of dramatic events. Travellers are joined by Jurgen, a fugitive from a prisoner-of-war camp. Film written into the dramatic history of post war Poland, that still remains universal in its story – a struggle of two parents to regain their dignity and balance in life after losing their child. From the director: Pardon is going to be a very personal picture. I want it to be inspired by the story of my grandparents – Anna and Jakub. Their life, shaped by the landscape of post war Poland, had a particular, permanent undertone of suffering, stubbornness, courage and…love. For years, I was taught stories about heroes; in primary school in Popielawy, in high-school in Wrocław, in college, on the street. The political climate was changing, and with it our perspectives changed, but for me there was one constant: the certainty that the bravest people I have ever met was my grandmother Hania and my grandfather Jakub.


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